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Toshiba Mesin Fotocopy

Toshiba Mesin Fotocopy

Update Terakhir 05 / 04 / 2024
Minimal Pembelian 1 Unit


Rp. 26.500.000

Detail Toshiba Mesin Fotocopy

Mesin Fotocopy

This series exhibits fast copy speed as well as host of features that provide high productivity to meet the requirements of our customers. The devices come with power saving features that will greatly reduce energy consumption which in turn lowers the total cost of ownership.

Reliability is further enhanced with higher durability parts, thereby increasing device uptime and lower cost of maintenance.

Only Toshiba genuine parts & supplies are compliant to the RoHS directive & MSDS certified. Even though they may say “for use in Toshiba,” or “equivalent reliability and performance”, third party supplies can’t match Toshiba’s exacting quality standards. They don’t undergo Toshiba’s stringent qualification and rigorous testing to ensure that all components work together in perfect harmony.

Plus, they void your warranty. Be Smart. Be Safe. Always purchase from an Authorised Toshiba Distributor so you can be sure you’re not inadvertently installing imitation/remanufactured supplies, which can shorten product life, hamper productivity, and irrevocably damage your Toshiba equipment.